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Your time as a self-employed person is valuable. Every hour you can invoice is one. You prefer to make as many hours as possible profitable and do not want to spend too much time and energy on peripheral matters. It is not without reason that you took the step to work for yourself. You want to challenge yourself, be able to decide for yourself which jobs you take on and get energy from the great jobs you do.

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ZZP doe wat je het liefste doet

What's in it for you?

Your personal agent at Wiertz Technical Solutions will arrange it. We always provide new assignments. Jobs that you like to do. We negotiate attractive rates for you and arrange all peripheral matters. And you? You fully focus on your specialism: you tinker with technical solutions. Because that's the sweetest thing you do, isn't it?!

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New assignments

Don't stress, because we will arrange your new assignments

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We negotiate your assignment and rate

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Big network

Make use of our network of top companies in process technology and maintenance

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Good reward

You will receive the same rate as you are used to

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Business agent

Focus on your job and leave peripheral matters to your agent

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Clear agreements

We discuss your wishes with regard to rates, clients and assignments in advance

Find you self-employed assignment

Are you who we are looking for? And do we offer what you are looking for? View the self-employed assignments that are now open to you.

This is how it works:
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  • You find a self-employed assignment that makes you very excited. Why wouldn't you...?! Express your interest and apply.

  • We invite you to get to know each other. Discover what you are good at and what makes you happy. We discuss your preconditions, such as what type of companies you like to work for, how long a job can take for you, what minimum rate you want, etc. We think it's important to know, because that way we can negotiate the maximum for you.

  • Your wishes are in line with the outstanding job and with the client. Great! We introduce you and put your wishes on the table. If the agreements meet your preconditions, you will receive the final proposal from us.

  • It's up to you... do you agree or not? If so, we will confirm it to the client and arrange all peripheral matters so that you can get off to a good start. Do you not agree? No problem. Then there are a few options: we will negotiate further, we will find another great assignment for you or you can leave it at that.

  • Go on, get to work!

  • During your job we already check... what to do if it's done? Do you take care of the next assignment yourself or do you want us to do the searching? After all, we know what you are looking for, what your wishes are and what preconditions you set. If you choose the latter, we will arrange for everything to be completed before your current job is completed and you can get started on the next one in no time. Easy peasy!

Earn 5% more and have less administration

As you can see... mediation through Wiertz Technical Solutions offers you many advantages. And the great thing is that it costs you absolutely nothing. We discuss what your normal hourly rate is. You get that guaranteed, but at the same time we always try to negotiate 5% more for you. We then charge the agreed rate, plus our fee, to the client. Invoicing is done via the self-billing model. We take as much administrative work off your hands as possible. Is not it nice?!

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