Do you spot (new) technical talent?

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Help your mate get a great job

and get a 500 euro bonus

Do you have mates with technical skills? Is there someone in your circle of friends eager to make a career move? Who wants to work, learn and challenge themselves? Time to give him or her a boost. Help your friend get a cool job as a process operator or technician and earn yourself a nice € 500 bonus.

Help je maat aan een toffe job

How it works

Spot a friend

You spot a technical talent, then what? Of course, you first check whether the person is actually open to the next step in his/her career and whether you can introduce him/her to us. If so, ask for the CV and apply him/her via the form.

Invited for interview

Nice going! You had it right. After an introductory interview at Wiertz Technical Solutions, your mate will be introduced to the employer and invited for an interview there. You will receive 25 euros!


Yes! Your mate is selected for the job. You can credit 225 euros to your account. How nice is that! 🤑

Cash in

Your mate is doing well and has been working in his new job for 3 months. Everyone happy and you especially so, because you get the remaining half of your bonus. For process operators and assembly operators, your bonus totals 500 euros and for maintenance technician totals 1,000 euros!


Who should thank whom! Your friend you or vice versa? No matter, go out for a night out to celebrate the success and share the cost. 🥳

Introduce your mate

Earning an extra penny on the side has never been easier. Time to give your friend a boost now. Request his CV and introduce him to us.

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