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Fast, effective and innovative

We are tackling scarcity and the aging population in the technology sector by educating new talent. Not just like that, but in a personal and innovative way. With our own Wiertz Academy.

Why educate together?

By attracting ambitious technicians and letting them map out their own career path, we keep them in. Not only within the industry, but also within our network. This way we know who possesses which skills. And you, as a client, know what kind of talent you are getting.

This is how Wiertz Academy works

  • 01

    Personal introduction

    We shake hands and immediately screen: can this candidate get a diploma quickly?

  • 02


    We use an assessment to test whether the candidate really wants and is able to study.

  • 03

    Start theory

    Students start with their noses in the books. Or an e-learning or VR environment. They determine their own learning moments.

  • 04

    Practical training

    Mastered the theory? Then follows a 12-month practical training in the factory.

  • 05


    Have you completed all the steps of the study? Then the student will receive an MBO diploma.

  • 06

    Get started

    Knowledge and a diploma in your pocket: the brand new technician is ready to start working for you.

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Download the whitepaper

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