Working at team De Pooter

Come tinker with the basics

De Pooter is looking for entrepreneurs, visionaries and pioneers, chatters and difference makers with their own view on things. We give them all the space and support they need to make an impact and build their own business. So to work, learn, grow.

Your way to work, learn, grow
road to success

Your way to work, learn, grow

Doing business in the boss's time? Minding more than your own business? If you come to work internally at De Pooter, everything is allowed. Or better: we expect it from you. Build your own business and find out for yourself how it can be improved. From the safe environment of a permanent job, you can pitch, make plans and boost your best ideas. You get a coach and follow guest lectures and training programs that will stay with you longer and take you further quickly. This is how you choose your own path to success.

Why work at De Pooter?

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Business Observership

You not only work on your career, but also boost those of others. Our tech talents and partners grow through your advice and coaching. And together we can grow the love for tech!

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Training tracks

Standing still? No way. You follow guest lectures and training courses, so that you help yourself and the technical world move forward.

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Work hard, play hard! So a game of table tennis in between? Go ahead! Cool trips? Be on the program. Team outings? We'll arrange. Or you of course.

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Personal development plan

You determine the road to success, with a personal coach who supports you. Because you know where your wishes lie.

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Room for own input

Your ideas? Worth gold. Your vision? Tell! Together we know more and we move forward.

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Influence on own income

Build your own business. You are assured of income, but you also determine what (and who) comes in.

Internship at team De Pooter

As an HBO student, you want to discover what the professional field has to offer and what you want to grow into. Where better to do that than with De Pooter? We are all about helping people grow in their careers.

Do you have a question?

About our definition of chatterboxes? Or about our stubborn own way? Bring it on!

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