Temporary closing of our locations

03-06-2020 | Pieter Jan
All locations of De Pooter are temporary closed due to the Corona virus. Until further notice we don't receive people at our offices in Axel, Middelburg and Bergen op Zoom.

FAQ: Coronavirus

16-03-2020 | Pieter Jan
The current situation surrounding the corona virus may raise additional questions. To answer these, we have prepared a FAQ.

Welcome Evi!

28-10-2019 | Pieter Jan
Time flies. It’s the end of October and by now our new coworker Evi has been working with us for a while. Some of you might have already seen or spoken to her.

Respect if you work in the heat

22-07-2019 | Pieter Jan
It looks like summer has really begun this week. With temperatures rising till 38 degrees, lots of vacationers will enjoy themselves at the beach, the pool or on a terrace.

"I wouldn't mind having dinner with Louis van Gaal"

27-08-2018 |
When Ko was about 4 years old, his father founded De Pooter Personnel Services. Already , the 3rd generation is now in charge. A generation of entrepreneurs, hands-on mentality and stamina. Wonderful stories from a bygone era. Different times, as well. Ko, tell us more ...