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Wiertz Company - De Pooter is a "member of Wiertz Company". A family business founded on the Rhineland philosophy: an eye for continuity and partnerships. We believe that you are capable of more than you think: everyone is talented. And we are the close link between people and work: everyone deserves a job.

About Wiertz Company

Wiertz Company is a rapidly growing organization, with 19 physical branches in addition to its digital solutions, in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. At Wiertz Company, 150 permanent employees and more than 4,500 flex employees work for more than 700 employers on a daily basis, a carefully composed mix of experience and talent. The company is characterized by a professional governance with shareholders, supervisors and directors.

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Wiertz Company offers a broad variety of solutions: Wiertz Flex Solutions, Wiertz Payroll Solutions, Wiertz Career Solutions, Wiertz Hospitality Solutions, Wiertz Digital Solutions, Wiertz International Solutions, Wiertz Inhouse Solutions en Wiertz Technical Solutions.

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Flex Solutions

The best match between people and work for flexible employees

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Payroll Solutions

Outsource the legal employment and payroll of employees to Wiertz Company.

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Career Solutions

We mediate and guide HBO and WO professionals towards permanent or temporary employment.

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Hospitality Solutions

The specialist when it comes to temporary staff in the hospitality industry.

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Digital Solutions

Online solutions that contribute to people and work.

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International Solutions

The specialist when it comes to international recruitment.

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Inhouse Solutions

Choose a total solution for HR and recruitment.

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Technical Solutions

We boost the careers of technical talent with a flextech working environment.

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