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Recruiting scarce personnel

Wiertz Technical Solutions has a mission: to find, retain and advance a fresh batch of technical talent. We know where the opportunities are, where the talent is and where we can deploy their skills. That is our specialty. And the solution to your tech shortage.

Schaars technisch personeel werven

Our solutions

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    We know how to tap, train and keep technical talent on board. We've been doing that for years. And with that, we make great (temporary) matches on the labor market.

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    We have a nose for new talent and an eye for our existing network. As a result, we have many technicians available for (temporary) projects.

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    Wiertz Academy fills in the missing skills of technical talents. And trains new employees in the sector. This makes the supply even greater.

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    International recruitment

    Can't fill your vacancies with Dutch employees? Wiertz Technical Solutions also specializes in recruitment of talent from abroad.

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