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At Wiertz Technical Solutions, you can go either way. You'll have a personal coach who is always bringing in new projects and working with you to see if you're going left or right. Or full throttle ahead.

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Working is fun, but so is getting paid. With our work, learn, grow approach you keep making progress, even on the salary ladder. Curious about your current value in the job market? And what you can become worth?

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At Wiertz Technical Solutions you get a personal coach. He is not there (only) to cheer you on, but to link you to a project that suits you. And to take care of all peripheral matters, from money to contracts. Leaving you time for the essentials: your job

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Do you want to be better in the (tech) market? Become even more valuable? You'll grow with our cleverly mapped out career paths in process engineering and maintenance. This is how we boost your career together.

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Which direction do you want to go? What pit stops do you want to make to refuel knowledge? And what is your destination? Together we will map out your personal career path at Wiertz Technical Solutions.

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