Welcome Evi!

28-10-2019 | Pieter Jan
Time flies. It’s the end of October and by now our new coworker Evi has been working with us for a while. Some of you might have already seen or spoken to her.

Respect if you work in the heat

22-07-2019 | Pieter Jan
It looks like summer has really begun this week. With temperatures rising till 38 degrees, lots of vacationers will enjoy themselves at the beach, the pool or on a terrace.

"I wouldn't mind having dinner with Louis van Gaal"

27-08-2018 | Sylka
When Ko was about 4 years old, his father founded De Pooter Personnel Services. Already , the 3rd generation is now in charge. A generation of entrepreneurs, hands-on mentality and stamina. Wonderful stories from a bygone era. Different times, as well. Ko, tell us more ...